The City of Keizer has an active Emergency Management Program incorporating the following:

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP):
The EOP has been completed and includes hazard mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Emergency Coordination Center:
The Emergency Coordination Center is located in the City Auditorium building behind the Police Department. The Center has the capability of coordinating all man-made or natural disasters that may occur within the City of Keizer. The Center communications capability including Amateur Radio, generator backup and uses the Unified Incident Command System. The EOP coordinates a working relationship with the County, State and Federal governments in a disaster setting.

Emergency Operations Plan Committee:
The EOP Committee is comprised of key personnel from City of Keizer Departments, Keizer City Council, Citizen Volunteers, and the Keizer Fire District.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):
The Keizer Fire District has implemented a CERT Program wherein selected Keizer-area citizens are trained to help themselves, neighbors and to assist with the Emergency Response Services in the event of a disaster.

City of Keizer Involvement and Contacts:
The Emergency Management Program is operated under the authority of the City Manager and facilitated by the Police Department. All City and Fire District personnel are part of the plan and efforts necessary to see that the City of Keizer maintains continuity of government in order to save lives and property during an emergency period. The City Emergency Management Team coordinates emergency efforts with other governmental, volunteer and private agencies before, during and after disasters.

To Contact Keizer Emergency Management:
City of Keizer Emergency Management
930 Chemawa Rd NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303